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"The Social Security Act does not require an indvidual [citizen] to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to live and work within the United States, nor does it require an

SSN simply for the purpose of having one..."



About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 1 of 103 Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, http://sedm.org Form 05.012, Rev. 2-19-2022 EXHIBIT:


“He [the Beast, meaning civil government, Rev. 19:19] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

[Rev. 13:16-17, Bible, NKJV]

“First Bowl: Loathsome Sores

“So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.” [Rev. 16:2, Bible, NKJV]

“And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” [Rev. 14:11, Bible, NKJV]

“And I saw the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

[Rev. 19:19-20, Bible, NKJV]

“The Saints [Christians] Reign with Christ 1,000 Years

And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” [Rev. 20:4, Bible, NKJV]

Resources on what the Mark of the Beast is and the spiritual effects of taking the Mark:

1. Property and Privacy Protection Topic, Section 7: Numerical Identification and Automated Tracking (OFFSITE LINK) Family Guardian Fellowship http://famguardian.org/Subjects/PropertyPrivacy/PropertyPrivacy.htm#NUMERICAL_ IDENTIFICATION _AND_AU TOMATED_TRACKING:

2. Social Security: Mark of the Beast, Form #11.407 http://famguardian.org/Publications/SocialSecurity/TOC.htm

3. Socialism: The New American Civil Religion, Form #05.016 http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

4. 666 and the Mark of the Beast-Amazing Facts http://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/media/e/364/t/666-and-the-mark-of-the-beast

5. Satan's Mark and God's Seal-Amazing Facts http://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/media/e/14118/t/satans-mark---gods-seal

6. The Mark of the Beast-Amazing Facts http://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/media/e/4 1 9/t/the-mark-of-the-beast

7. The Mark of the Beast-Amazing Facts http://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/study-guide/e/4997/t/the-mark-of-the-beast

About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 2 of 103 Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, http://sedm.org Form 05.012, Rev. 2-19-2022 EXHIBIT:





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What We SPECIFICALLY Object to about Social Security Numbers and Taxpayer Delemtiticatiom NUMMD EIS ssasseisscesssnassonssecaesanessenssaonsdoesscnsaveatescaseaaondonssnsssnnavendsvussvbecsosasesasnsdnnsenssenss LO Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) are what the PVC Calls & “Iran Chise Wie” sinus icscccaccwcscansccsacsacevanssvesconceenschsbuuescuscauecacseenseeusnsuneeassbentontxenncessine LD VCS MOE DU IDEES gscacsecccticevacetieceneicencincazearaiacsvanesascansatiasearqcasieceeunua teen inasemsaeeeensnatnnmntert eS Interchangeability of SSNs with TINS............ccccccsssscssssscssssccssssscsssscsssssccssssscssssssssssscssssssssssssssses LO Who owns the Number and why you don't "have" a NUMDEL............cccsssccssssccssscccssscscsssssseeree SU) Who can lawfully be issued a ''Social Security Number"? ...........scssssccssssscssssscssssscssssccssssseenee SF State citizens or nationals Canmot USe NUMDETS ............ccccccccscccscsscsssccsscscscscsscssssscsccssscssssssssseess OT How to terminate or change the status of the NUMDET ............ccssccsssscssssscssscscssscscssssscsessssssses SD Authorities on why nonresidents don't need SSNs/TINs to open bank accounts or for private

EPS ITE sis tcaascaitccassatscnwisain chasis dateacsihaecabicanieassind sedbiaatieissidanisiaiid canteen ede eaesabreaieintenaees

Mandatory Use Of SSINS/ TINS cisicccicisccessstceacescesasesvancisccedeseanssacskactecetreesestenmeemseernnnticanmenttanernean OO

11.1 Compelled use forbidden by Privacy ACt eee eesecsecseecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeseceseceaecnaecsaecauecauecaeeeaeseeeseeeteeeeeeeeetee 43 11.2 Burden of Proof on Those Compelling Use... ceeecsecseeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeceseessecaecaecsaecaaecaaeeaeseaeseeeseeeeereeeten 44 11.3. “Penalties for COmpelled!WSe sc. su saceeseedtsesctgengcvaceutsstbs cues chsswusousacwswepeceuse sud Zeveegscevens segevsuedeusdes sus eset edoeottevtieaneeresay 44 11.4 When is it mandatory under the LR.C. to provide government issued numbers? uu... cece eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 45 11.5. Mandatory use by ALIENS on the W-9 form... eee cee cseeereeeeeeeeeeeeceeeceseceaecsaecsaecsaecaaecaeeeaeseaeseeeeeeeeereneten 52 Penalties for failure to disclose NUMDETS ............sssccccssssssscssssssscsssssssccssssssccsssssscccsssssccsscssssseesessss OF 12.1 Failure to provide TIN on information returns 200.0... eee cece eeeeeeeeeeeeeeceeecesecaeceaecaecsaecaaecaeeeaeseaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetens 54 12.2 Foreign Investment in Real Property Transfer Act (FIRPTA) penalties .0.... cee eee cseecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerenerees 55

Getting Rid of SSNs/TINs in your IRS or other government recor ...........ccsscccsssesssreeseeeeee 5D Quitting Social Security and living without SSNs or TINS ..........cccssccssssscssssscsssscsssssccsssscsseseeee D7 How to use "substitute numbers" to avoid being privileged...............ccsssccssssccssssscssssscsssssseeeee

15.1 DOD ID Numbers for Military Members .00.... cee eee cece cee cneeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeceeceaecaecaecsaecaaecaeesaeseaeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee 37 T5-2; Wsiie all: ZerOs ss as2s tcc ssselese ck etcs A caiece ad ees eh ces dashes ase cel acl west EEA ecacinests lee neue Aisles danieeiigeak 59 15.3. Defining “Social Security Number” with your own definition... cece seceseescesecseeeeceseeeceaecseesecaeeseesaeeeceaeenteaes 59 VS:A: WSO TOs seice 38sec eceaeeecbeeks hides saad ves shieiccesaad ociess Meme chaal eeateae eae cba oees ua ule slacteaasseensaeskacie us un apeiesiegessseleese 60

Banking and Financial Industry Policy and Guidance on Use of SSN's and TIN..................61 How to respond to requests for SSNS Or TINS..........cccssccssssscssssccssssccssscccsssssssssssssesssssssssseessesesees OD

17.1 Avoiding confrontations in responding to requests for SSN/TIN from business associates ............ eee eeeeeeeeees 65 17.1.1 Legal constraints for requesting an SSN/TIN uu... eee ee eeeecesecssecnseceecaeeeseseeeeeeeeeeeeeesseeeseesaeenaeesaes 65 17.1.2 BGSt St ALES Y. cscs saci co acesapsusedsnndvaevsesstioctoudeck evden steycitanndevasathsntes igudstdeaceseisnacuss coaseueetstacuiwedancusesmacveecest 68 17.1.3 Socratic questions in response to the request for “the NUMDET”.......... eee eesesecseeeecseeeeeeeeeeeaeeneeaeens 68 17.2 Dealing with Requests by Withholding Agents for an SSN/TIN to “U.S. Persons” on a W-9...... ce ceseeeseseereeees 69 1723. Financial [MS tit tons 0.50. 35ssesscesutesocasesotseanesevssatze cass cessvsenevsea sea cebecssveuss nsbaeetvesugeusestaesveevsed heeestassiouipaseraaniooes 71 17.4 Private Employer Job or Contract Applications 0.0.0... cece cee ceeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeecesecesecaecsaecsaecaaecaeeeaeeeaeseeeeeeeeeeeeten 71 17.5 Government applications for an account or benefit... eee eee eeeeeeceeeceeeceecesecaeceaecsaecaaecaeecaeeeaeseeeeeeeeeeeaten 73 17.6 Dealing with “public servants” who demand a number at an audit or examination ......0.. ec eeeeeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeentenes 74 17.7 Submitting legal evidence as a non-resident indicating that “you” were never issued or applied for a “Social Security Number” or “Taxpayer Identification Number” ...........eceeeccsseeecsseceeseceesecseeeecaecaeesecaeseeenaseeesaeeeeeneeas 76

Rebutted False Arguments About Government Identifying Numbers ..............sscccssscsssssceseeree OD

About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 3 of 103 Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, http://sedm.org Form 05.012, Rev. 2-19-2022 EXHIBIT:

18.1 California DMV: We have a right to ask for Social Security Numbers as part of driver license applications ..85 TD SumMMAry atid Conclusions .iosssiccsssecscsssvesssessvevnesscoscessoussscanssescessevecsoessvnsseons sesneassdeesoesonssveassvecsesss OO 20 Resources for Further Study and Rebuttal ...............cccssccssssscssssccsssccssssccssscsssscsscssssscsssscssssesses OD 21 Questions that Readers, Grand Jurors, and Petit Jurors Should be Asking the

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Constitutional Provisions

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Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, http://sedm.org Form 05.012, Rev. 2-19-2022 EXHIBIT:

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Social Security Act as of 2005, Section 1101 0.0... eeeeeseeceeseoessnesensesnsessensseessesseeseesneesoee sonseneseseonsesseossosssesserseesssersee® 100

Social Security Act at 42 U.S.C. 1301 (a)(1) oo. eesceceseceencecesreeeneeceseeesneeceeneseneeceseeesnaecaeeesneeceaeeesnaecseceseneecaeeesaeecereseneeenaes 86 SOC al SCULLY AC OF L933 sxe cscccscsscevesatssetsaceacessseeeets dacantdexkeasteacts se qeicceacegs cadnssdecaetessd cst cegee cantuvge ices dee cdeucses sou staeesaeBocgecauaeeseess 32 Social Security Act, Section 1101(a)(1) ue eee eessecssecesncecssecesenecesecesacecssceeeaaecesseesaeecsseeeeaaecsseeeeaaecsaseeeaaecsseseaaessseeeasecsaes 99 Social Security Act, Section 1101(a)(2) eee eeeceeseeceseceenceceseeeeneeceseeesneececeeeneecseeeeaeecsaeeeeaaecaeeseneecaeeseaaeceueeseaeeceeeeeneessaes 99 social Security Act, Tithe 42, Chapter 7 sccccssccocesceuuntecacusdeccacucetevetesurvcseycecuceccadeccacneteteancece/vcnuestecusvecss vacustesnsdevueivanncetivecetoeeratte 92 Title 26 of the U.S. Code....cccccccccccssscssscecssscesseecssecseseecsseeesseecseceeseecsaeseeseecssesseseecsaeseeseecssesseseecsaeeseseecsaeseeseecaeseeseecsseesenseess 28 MTEL AD yo avcescs codec deaccceesecacesessuicnes ces tdccestiosensecanescetacnyacsectige sescessinessaaceassecwace tsa: vedeeetsucssscasuoeieccuextacaesecermnnisscecate gstecssenees 28, 32, 99 Title 42 of the U.S. Code.....cccccccccccssscssscecssecsseeeessecssececseecseeeessecsseecessecsseeseseeceseeeeseecseeeseseecseeeessecsaeeseseecaeeseseecseesesseeses 32, 86 Title 5 of the U.S. Code ...cccccccccccccscecssscssscecssecssececssecsececseecseeeesaeceseecesaeceeeeeseecsueeseseecsueeseseecaeeseseecsueeseseecaeeseaeecseeeeeaeesea 37, 94 U.C.C. §2-103(1)....ceccccecscsssecssscesssecssseesssecssseesssecsessessecsssseeseecseesesaecesseeessecsusesessecseesessecseeesesaecseessensecsusesensecessssessecssesenaessaes 83 NW. CG § 2-103 a) sesssziscscessacedcssssces osaneasécosdcsdvonvendscsiceddscecsucceesaceess vas acedovescsdss cduceesteaeasued oxeuee tecausscdeveesenatedbaeassnceueedeesacedseuenie 18 U.C.C. §2-LOB(D)(a) ..eccecccccccssecssscssscecssscssscecssesesseecesecseceecaeseeeeecaessensecsaeeeeeeecsaesseesecsaeeseeeecsaessessecsueeeeesecsuesseasecsueeseaeeceaesseaseee 67 U.C.C. §2-104 (1) ccc ceccceccscssccecssecssececssecsececssecsseeecsaecsseeeessecsseeessaeceseeeessecseeeseseecsueesessecsaeeseseeceaeesessecsueeseseecsueeseaeecseesesseesea 18, 83 NT; CC S221 OA (1) cscs, ca3ccbel ce shee tevecedecesesiec cada belles contcocsaesutucovdacdoeniesoudaosesossnsaepnts svvlasteceleseddaecassdensbe cel siesactevedhviseagerienececoublapeeneuas 67 Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) .....ccccccccccsssceceessececssneeceesececssueeecsanaecesseeeecsesaeeecsuaaececeeeaecseaaeeecsesaeeesseeeessesaeeecseaeeesennaeens 83 Regulations

Q2OICIBR: S422 O38 ic seccteceedtecodene Cantetettesn Gesshedeal Museceye Sictube ented ch eded Maser h tedden cet hon ee ated 26, 30, 82, 95, 97 20) CB Re S422 MOSCA). x<2bscckacdestenes cette bveecoedendens te boscvevcconsstee bode ooudassouey ace deste stats Soteasteedeedexseees 59, 61, 65, 72, 75, 78, 89, 95, 96 20 C.F.R. §422.104 ooo ecccccccccssecssccecssecssececssecssseecssecseeeecsaeceesescaeceeeeecsaecseeescsueceeeecsueseeeescaeeseeeess 26, 34, 39, 40, 41, 50, 88, 99 20 C.F.R. §422.104(a) .....ccccscecssccssssecssscssssecssecssseecsscssssecsasessseecsascsnsessasessceessascsnsessasesessecsascssnsessaseseaeecsascsensessaseseaeessasesensessa 99 DG) CRS Vee cos oe costa das ce ccg Cesnce} cect chadGu sa Gad ace svste cause dhucubend shane dsnacetesasacesveet seuaechapeusatebadetvstaceusetanacstosdcaunactesacupatea ee ecsomune 35 26 C.F.R. §1.1-1(a)(2) Gi) cece ccccecccccesscesscecsseceseeecssesseseecsaeseeeeecseceeseecsaeeesseecsaesseesecsseseeeeecsaesseseecsaeeseseecssesseseecsaeeseseecsseeseneeesa 72 26 CORR: § LUG) ec ccgscadiscesecbs anced innzs vk caeusscadacevecdegncseesnucodsceuasnantetadete cued deeviak aunts cha yeese ted agedecdsquuacesnacedscgeutnardamaceiwcaua arenes 68, 82 26 C.FLR. 81. 1441-1 occ ccececssccssssecssccssssecsscessssecesccssnsusnssessnsusnasessseusnssessnsesssseesnsesssseseetesseseesntessessesssecssssesseesssees 39, 52, 54, 66 26 C.F.R. 81.144 1-1(C)1A4) cece cccccsccssscecssecesseecsseessceecsaeseeseecsaeseeeeecsaeeesssecsaesseeeecsaeseeeeecsuesseseecsaeseeseecsuesseseecsueeseseeceseseeeeeee 48 26 C.F.R. 81.144 1-1(C)(26) occ ceccccccscssscccssecesseecssecssceecaesesseecaeeseaeecsaesesseecsaesseesecsueceeeeecsaesseeeecsaesseseeceuesseseecsaeeseeeecsaeeeeaeese 49 26 C.F.R. S81. 1441-1 (C)B) cee ccccccccccssecssececssecsnececseecsececseecseesessecsseeeessecseeseseecsseesessecseeeeeseeceaeesessecueeseseecsueeseasecseeseeseesea 50, 53 26 CLFLR. 81. 1441-1) cece cccccccscecssscssscecssecssceecesesseceecsaeseseeecsaeeseeeecsaeeeeeeeceaessessecsaeseesecsaesseasecsaesseseeceaesseaeecsaseseateceaeeseasesea 53 26 C.F.R. SL. 1441-1 (A)(3) ccc ccc ccccccccsscssscecssesesseecssecseseecsaeseseeecaeceeseecsaeeseseecsaesseesecsseseseeecsueseeseecsueeseseecsuesseseecsaeeseseeceseeseaeesea 53 26 C.FLR. 81.144 1-1(Q)(5) cece ceccccssscssscecssecssseecssecseceecssessseeecaecsensecaeeeeseecesessessecsaesseeeeceaesseasecsaeseeseecsueesessecsaesseseeceaeesensesea 48 26 C.FLR. §1.1441-1(e)(S) Gi) «00. cece cesccesssecssecssseecesecesssecsaecssssecsascssssessasesnsecsascsueessssesensessascsseessaseseasessasesensessaseseneeseasesenaees 48 26: CB Re $1, VAA Tad asso tecctsaxcccveccavatevsne cocks cade secu cndescaie osha tonssasdads gackobuns¥ezssustachetedwssscase ns creacqudedeadndevnetecesasdeleceuiateantastacssacketes 49 26 C.FLR. §1.1441-4(D)(4) 0... cccssssecssccsssseescesssssececeessnsecsesssnsececessssusacessssuseacessseessaesssssucoecessssussacessnsesaceessseseacessnsesnacesssseses 49 26: GCOBRe $1, FAA ToS (C:)s seccsacccevercenstscseecvec cede stcheiecnsescate vost tontvasdaleducksbeaseesciastachobedusseessetscrnacqusedeadntevbetecwsnsdecedsatatensvastans packets 48 26 COB Re § 1. 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SIICE RS 1O20: 410 os. 5 oiss cicitesschavenssebintesscisesisecdsutotyenrseanseddvascdstavestesdousutesniveatsalevbnesglsvvatedisvandsohuvonnooliseteses puseo¥ocduseteenssesneeds 41

51:6. F:Re§ 10204 OCD) (3) C0) sieseccisesssscnceds ec cehscss cause tasasiunsendacncia ctbadesecueetosacicensnsceesdas calvacscezeyiaseceusiossdeacdacaciscessauaviaseaeaieneade 71 SH GER S30 G10 ccsdtes csccevecesducccadcdesceedeccecnscagaccevangs daca aes ceeacestccescedeanedesacadasdgees caonstoadascedsceudeeesaicaddeedoasgesattesaneuaadevscaeaseceosnes 42 Social Security Regulations, Social Security Administration 0.0.0... eee cee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeceeeeseceaecaecsaecsaecaeecaeeeseseeseeeseeeenatens 92 Tithe:20 of the: Code of Federal Regulation... 5: -csccsss-sscssescssssscdssessuesocssecasscessceesassucsscsuscurs qensuegscsosevsessetesstessagessvuvsevdscsessveesss¥s 35 Rules

Federal Rule of Civil Procedtare 17 (D) <.0.c scscccsecicecigcescasencis dostactutsdecteay sheets sachacssdoehoessbacavesous catule codsacsadectoctitasbacceessoncueeoees 22, 36 Federal Rule‘of Civil Procedure'8 (Db) (6) <2 sicc.csscscccethetecscdancstestectasocdncstaseanesegscdaccedectscdssnctaestuctdee tess cassshdesueutesecbocedesesgetecd cusendeee 97 Cases

Ashton v. Cameron County Water Improvement District No. 1, 298 U.S. 513, 56 S.Ct. 892 (1936)... eects 35, 100 Ashwander v. T.V.A., 297 U.S. 288, 56 S.Ct. 466, 80 L.Ed. 688 (1936)... cccccccccsssececseseeceessececesaeeeceseeeeeseseecsesaeeesseneeenens 25 Ashwander v. Tennessee Valley Auth., 297 U.S. 288 (1936) 0... eescessecessceceseceseeecseeeeeneecaecesseecnseeesneecaeeeeneecseereneeceereseneeess 89 Bowen: V;/ROY;:476/5U3S 693) (1980) oicsccsecceaes esctwnsceevaceseehetesneescede duchetunevascbeyne chcencvenncduasebbntccndestane beubetennee sleep deahebensveveaeedy 24, 93 Broadrick v. Oklahoma, 413 U.S. 601, 616 -617 (1973)... eccccsecesssececssseeeecseeeecessuececseneececsaeeecseaueeeceseaeeeseeeeesesaeeesseneeeeens 75 Budd v. People of State of New York, 143 U.S. 517 (1892)... eee eesceceseeeneeceteeeenceceeeeeaeeceaeeeeaeecaeeseneeceaeeesaeesneeeeeneeee 33, 52 Burgin v. Forbes, 293 Ky. 456, 169 S.W.2d. 321, 325 ....ecceeceesscceseceesseceeeeecsseceeneecaeceeneecsaeceeeeecsaeceeneecaaeceeeeesaeeeeeeeenaecenees 100 Burton v. Wilmington Parking Authority, 365 U.S. 715 (1961) oo. ec eeceescesecesecesecssecaeecaeecaeeeaeseaeseeeeeeeeeesseesaeesaeesaeenaes 23 C.LR. v. Trustees:of L. Inv: Ass'n, 100 F.2d. 18 (1939) siccc..cccc.ccscccccsesstecceadesscadeacdeccnesetevssutedeosecssuesstaschesstesenouesevcboeteesesuebeess 44 Camden v.-Allens.2 Dutch, 398 cicss.saisadededciassccicedeseieegausacesvecaedidades ects veetavocadsnaceuvsed oo pgaseevegaseascducdeveuseveubaceuedeoveesve 16, 24, 51, 80 Carter v. Carter Coal Co., 298 U.S. 238, 56 S.Ct. 855 (1936) .....cccccecsescecssssececseeceeessnececseeeeecseeeeeessaeeecseeaeeeseneeeenees 35, 85, 100 Civil Service Comm'n v. Letter Carriers, 413 U.S. 548, 556 (1973)......ccccccssscesssececseneececeeseecessececssanececseeeeeesaeeecseaeeesseneeens 75 Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, 318 U.S. 363, 369 (1943) oo... cccccccccsssecssssececsseeeecsseceeesaececsesaececseeeeeesseeecseaeeesseneeens 17 Cleveland Bed. of Ed. v. LaFleur, 414 U.S. 632, 639-640, 94 S.Ct. 1208, 1215 (1974)... ecccccccseececseeceeessneeecssneeeenseeeens 719 Connick vy; Myers, 461 WS.138, 147 (1983) cssiccccasciececvackccssaiolicects ci sas caaeicen Gaciecscdacdachesseliacebacsuaichoetous sbachendcanvaceseoncsvaceseeuinse 75 Cooke'v. United States: 91 U.S. 389,398: (US875) eccssccccccs.checp cscs ecb hnes cwssdacncaaeni cases cdaestadcheessescdsedcalewisesaecbacdadcdchocdsesedseecdessebiete 17 Curtin v. State, 61 Cal-App. 377, 214 P. 1030, 1035 i... eeeccesscecsseeeeceeceseeesneeceeeesneeceaceeeneeceseeseneecaeeseneecsreseneeceseeeeneees® 78 IDoe v: Chao; 5405US. OTA 2004) evinces SN eltcteeie ed eens ellie de cen ee eee eet 45 Dollar Savings Bank v. United States, 19 Wall. 227 oo... cceeeseeeceeseeeeeeecesecsaecsaecsaecsaecaeesaeeeeeseeeseeseesesecesessaeesaeesaeenaes 18 Economy Plumbing & Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d. 585 (1972) oo. eeeeceeeesseescesecesecssecsaecsaecsaecaeecseeeeeseeeseeseeeeatseaeesssesseeaeenaes 44 Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company, 500 U.S. 614 (1991) woo cee csecseeceeeeeeeeeeeeceseeesecaecaecsaesaaecaeeeaeseaeteneenens 23 Electric Co. v. Dow, 166 U.S. 489, 17 S.Ct. 645, 41 L.Ed. 1088 oo... cccccccsscceeesssececseeeeeeesneeecssaaeeecseeaeeeeseeeseeueeessenseeeees 39 Elliott v. City of Eugene, 135 Or. 108, 294 P. 358, 360.0... eeeceesecsseceseeeceeeesneececeeeneecaeeesneeceeeesneeceseeeeneecseeereneeceneeseneees® 94 Fauntleroy v.. Lum, 210 U.S. 230 3.28 S.Ct. O41 ccccccc cc sicsccensievsciovecsecapieyecessschovusveveacennecuecuovseneesnseubecdsvduyesnevateecuostesbeesvecnesea 18 Flemming v. Nestor, 363 U.S. 603 (1960) ..............ssesssssssscesssssosersssvenseesssessnsesesssvenseeesessossensssvensessssssensessssvensessnsees 16, 32, 98 Flemming v. Nestor, 363 U.S. 603, 610, 80 S.Ct. 1367 (1960)... eesceescecssecesneecsseceeneeceaeeesneecsaceseneecaeeeeeeecaeeseneecaeeeenees 99 Frost v. Corporation Commission, 278 U.S. 515, 49 S.Ct. 235 (U.S., 1929) eee eeececeseceeneeceseeeeneeceseeeeneecsereseneeceneeseneeess 25 Gardner v. Broderick, 392 U.S. 273, 277 -278 (1968) .......cccsscccssssceceessececeseececssececseaececseceececueeeceesaeeecesnaeeeeseeecseaeeesseneeesens 75 Gomiillion v. Lightfoot, 364 U.S. 339, 345... eescesncecssecesceecseceencecsaecesaeecaeceeneecsaeceeceecsaecseneecaeeseceecsaeeeeaeecaeeeeaeeceaeeeeneeeed 85 Great Falls Manufacturing Co. v. Attorney General, 124 U.S. 581 ooo eee cesecssecssecneecaeecneeeaeeeaeseaseeeeeaeeeseesseesaeenaeenaes 89 Great Falls Manufacturing Co. v. Attorney General, 124 U.S. 581, 8 S.Ct. 631, 31 L.Ed. 527 oo. ceeceeeteeeeeeeeeeeee 25, 39 Great Falls Mfg. Co. v. Attorney General, 124 U.S. 581, 8 S.Ct. 631, 31 L.Ed. 527 oo. eeececeseeeeneeceteeeeneecneeeeeneeee 25, 39 Hae ye Agee, 453 WiS.280 (19ST) cctescccscecszsevecvous coscesuch canceensasecnece savcanatestsncestec onvacnse ce sauceesncteusecacgecesnatesusnesseacecceestacmsecea stereos 102 Hammer v. Dagenhart, 247 U.S. 251, 275, 38 S.Ct. 529, 3 A.L.R. 649, Ann.Cas. 1918E 724.0... ee eesceceeeceeneeeeeeeeeneeee 35, 85 Hanson Ve. Viemmons 27 las 47 ccs ceccdecsvccsadietesstvatecseececdsadaawcdsccecevedsaasdeevengeatt sinest souk ogesanssagencs cvsacetadedueces cavababentteadeteoeassaee 24, 51, 80 Harman v. Forssenius, 380 U.S. 528 at 540, 85 S.Ct. 1177, 1185 (1965) .....ccecccccccccsseceessccecessnececssaaececseeeeeeeseeeeseaeeessenaeens 85 Hurley v. Commission of Fisheries, 257 U.S. 223, 225, 42 S.Ct. 83, 66 L.Ed. 206.00... ceeeesceesseceeeeeceseceeeeeceeeeeeeeceaeeeeneeeea 25 Insanity. State v. Haner, 186 Iowa, 1259,173 N.W. 225 oo. ceeccescesscecsseceeccecesecesneecaeceeeeecsaeceeaeecaeeeeaeecsaeeeeaeecsaeeeeaeeceaeeeeneeee 82 Jones v. Commonwealth, 154 Ky. 752,159 S.W. 568, 569 oo... escceecceeseeceseeeesseceeeeesaeceeeeesaeceeeeecsaeceeeeeeaaeceeeeecaeceeneeeaeeeeees 82 Kaiser Aetna v. United States, 444 U.S. 164 (1979) oo... ccccccecsssceceessececsseaeeessseeecssaeeecsseaececsaeeecseaaeeecesaeeesseeeesseaeeesseseesens 94 Kelley v. Johnson, 425 U.S. 238, 247 (1976)... ceecceescecsseceseteceecesncecsacessneecaceesneecsaceesneecsaceesneecseeeseneecaeeesneeceeeseneeceeeseneees® 75 Lacey v. State, 13 Ala. App. 212, 68 So. 706, 710.00... esseescssssessesseesenescersceroevenesensvensessenssenssensserenensesneesoerecereserenserenssees 78 About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 8 of 103

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Leonard v. Vicksburg, etc., R. Co., 198 U.S. 416, 422, 25 S.Ct. 750, 49 L.Ed. 1108 oe ee cess ceecssecseecneeseteeeeeeeeenees 39

License Tax Cases, 72 U.S. 462, 18 L.Ed. 497, 5 Wall. 462, 2 A.F.T.R. 2224 (1866) .........ccccecceccceceesesseeeeeeeeeee 21, 51, 86, 89 Loan Association v. Topeka, 20 Wall. 655 (1874)... cesscesceeesseceseceeneeceeeeeenaeceeeeeaaeceeeeenaeceeeeenaeceeeeeenaeeenees 16, 24, 51, 80, 91 Loney, Rasmussen, 281 Fi 2360-(1 922) ocx. sececvatievensecs ens deantonssetesacsoeucencatecnes sosusbeucesscgeasoovesaueetecaasecervackoned ot ten gesecesucsaciacdoee cowie 44 Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501 (1946)... cccccsessssececececsesseaeceeececeesssaeeeeececeeeaseseeeeeesesesaeeeceesesesensaeceeeceesesaaeeeeeeeeeenaes 23 Matter or Mayor or NvY .5/1'd: ORNS. 77 eecessesesceencuesdecesqeceevecksntevsdesurcvavesatessccsdecvacneeei setenv eanyceQienevadeevaesetteraeeertaies 16, 24, 51, 80 Meredith v. United States, 13 Pet. 486, 493 wou. eecesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesereseresereseseseseseseserereresens 18 Milwaukee v. White, 296 U.S. 268 (1935)......cccccccccccccsesssececececsessaeceeececeesssseeeeececsensaaesececeesensaaeseseeeceeseseaeceeeceeseaaeceeseeeeenees 18 Munn Vv. Illinois, 94 U.S. 113 (1876) wo ccccccccccccccecsessaecececeesesseaececececsesssaesecececeeseaaeseeeeeesenesaeeecececseneansaeeeeseeesenseaeeeeeeeenenaes 19 Newblock v. Bowles, 170 Okl. 487, 40 P.2d. 1097, 1100.0... cccccssscecececeessnsececececeeseseaececeeseseeaeeeeeceesenseaeeeeeesesenees 100 Northern Liberties v. St. John’s Church, 13 Pa.St. 104 ooo... cece ccccsccccsssceceessececsssseeecssseececsseeeceesseeecnseseeeenseeeesenes 16, 24, 51, 80 Norton’v; Shelby County, 118 U.S.:425: (1885): ssccscccsscsccees cesses sossiueevesaseasseassces ssessess casesnsecsssieeds cdsceuie cuvsesedcsseungevonedodeseessoseees 101 O'Connor v. Ortega, 480 U.S. 709, 723 (1987) .......scccsssssssssssrsssssscesrsssnscsoensssnsconsnsssnscensnsesacoosnsssnsesponsssnacoosnsesnacsnorsesnassosnes sna 75 O'Neill v. United States, 231 Ct.Cl. 823, 826 (1982) oo... ccccccssssecccccecsessssececececsensseseeeceesenssaeeesececseseaeaeeeeeceeeeeaeeeeseeenenees 17 Pack v. Southwestern Bell Tel. & Tel. Co., 215 Tenn. 503, 387 S.W.2d. 789, 794 oou..c.cccccccsecsssessseseseseseseseseseseseseseresenens 31, 98 Perry v; United States, supra:at 352:(1935) cscc. cassis sbiscivccssssestesesndadesasessrsevsedsceedcchecnenseascouh seus covnsedscovanvdedbonsyaessebscepsobesbisisessceas 17 Pierce v. Somerset Ry., 171 U.S. 641, 648, 19 S.Ct. 64, 43 L.Ed. 316 woe eee ceeeeeneecesecesneecseeeesneeceseeeeneecseeseneeceeeseneeess 39 Poindexter v. Greenhow, 114 U.S. 270, 5 S.Ct. 903 (1885) 0.0... ceccccecssscecssneececsnececeesaececseceeceesaeeecsesaeeecessaeeesseeeceeaeeesseneeess 101 Pray V: Northern. Liberties, 3:1, PaSt, 69... ss.cscscesccesssnsecnceessceeencesviccocesedensvenndesouasssestvabsdespetssieesdesedessesoctecsansesaseedvots 16, 24, 51, 80 Price v. United States, 269 U.S. 492 , 46 S.Ct. 180... ccccssssseceeececsesseaeeecececeessnaeseeececsessuaesesececceseeaeeeeseeesensaeeeeseeesenses 18 Public Workers v. Mitchell, 330 U.S. 75, 101 (1947) oo... eccccccscccececsessseeecececsessnaeseceeeesesseaeeececscceseaeaeseesesesesesaeseeseeesenses 75 Rutan v. Republican Party of Illinois, 497 U.S. 62 (1990) oo... eee eecesecesecssecseeceecaeeseeeeeeseeeeeeesecesecaecsaecaecsuesseesaeseneeeneenees 75 San Francisco Arts & Athletics, Inc. v. United States Olympic Committee, 483 U.S. 522, 544 -545 (1987)... eeeeeeeseceeee 23 Sharpless v. Mayor, supra; Hanson v. Vernon, 27 1a., 47 oo... ee ceeeesecesecssecseecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseseeesecaeceaeceaecsaecsuecaeecaeeeaeseneeeneeanees 16 Shelley ‘v. Kraemer, 334 U.S, 1°(1948): ccc scsccesccccenscesadecossccsecvensndesnctscdecosnsedssseascdervarsotececdscdersnagnssdseeeedesnenscbesnadscdenetesndedeuescaat 23 Shelmadine v. City of Elkhart, 75 Ind.App. 493, 129 N.E. 878 oo... cece ceecseeeeeeeseseeeeeeeseceseceaecsaecsaecsaecaaesaeeeaeseaeeeeeeereeetens 78 Sherbert v. Verner, 374 U.S. 398, 412 (1963) (Douglas, J., COMCUTTING) .0....e eee ceeeeeneceeeeeeseeceeeeeneeceeeeeeneeceseeeeaeecereeeneeenaes 24 sinking: Fund: Cases,.99 US. 700 (1878) scssiciszeccsenacacescuacssdecesctstccoseceds cuaceetecdeastdecbuckdascaneslea'shactvst eacedsueticdveceeerdavenevbetacya 36, 52 smith v.Allwright;:321 UWS 26495644 ios. scdescctasstcees cocvacadacons vtecncssesiaccligecussiseetee cis cdekd coactdecedectvns cbagetdusssets ce dvacadacelaveieseaeertaes 85 St. Louis Casting Co. v. Prendergast Construction Co., 260 U.S. 469 ooo eeeeceeeceseceeceseceaecaecaaecaeeeaeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeetens 89 St. Louis Malleable Casting Co. v. Prendergast Construction Co., 260 U.S. 469, 43 S.Ct. 178, 67 L.Ed. 351... 25, 39 St. Louis, etc., Co., v. George C. Prendergast Const. Co., 260 U.S. 469, 43 S.Ct. 178, 67 L.Ed. 351 wee eeeeeeeeeee 25, 39 State ex rel. Colorado River Commission v. Frohmiller, 46 Ariz. 413, 52 P.2d. 483, 486 woo... ccccccecccccceceesesseceeececeesesseaeees 78 State v. Brennan, -49’Ohi0.St: 33, 29 NiB.593 cccccccccccccoccacadsccedccecoceacedecceaucscoceaceecoceancedoceacedsocenncedecssceddocesececocnacbececaaecedecnaceeese 78 Stockwell v. United States, 13 Wall. 531, 542 occ cescsescssesesssseeeeeseeeseseeeseaesesesuseseeesuaeauauauauauaeauauaeausuauauauauaeauauauauanees 18 Terry vz Adams, 345 WS) A461 (19353) sssce. cas casei eceek cee ca Paradeoatccavecceicecasaaevaecd Vacseticvactacedeucs dacebicuees Geestea casetete vacadenstavesas donrteee 23 Tulsa Professional Collection Services, Inc. v. Pope, 485 U.S. 478 (1988)... .eeeesesecesccecsseceeeeecseceeeeeceaeeeeneeceaeeeeneeceaeeeeneeee 23 WS. Vi. Butler). 297 UWLS.. WC. 936) cccccccccecdivessscecocsdevevenastcteceteesesesbelecsnesdesducoubdscestousscsncbsacsinedneddonsesdespssdanctensendse 24, 51, 80, 91, 93 United States Railroad Retirement Board v. Fritz, 449 U.S. 166 (1980) ........cccceccccesssecesseeceeeeseeecseseececseeeecesaeeecseaeeeseneaeens 16 United States:v: Bostwick;.94 US.53,, O6:(CU8 77) vcccsccccaiusteerecns beareckichanceetec chal ech chap teva dees Suceecsbee een aapeesdce eestecuencietes 17 United States:v..Calamaro; 354'U-S: 3511957): coecd ccanesiteeesh avin eetabean oasis ech mapa oie apa eee eee 45 United States v. Chamberlin, 219 U.S. 250, 31 S.Ct. 155 woo ceeccseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseseceseseseseeesesesesesesesereseseeees 18 United States v. Harris, 106 U.S. 629, 1 S.Ct. 601, 27 L.Ed. 290 (1883) woe ccccccescccececsessnsscecececeesenseseseeeeeessnssaeseeseeesenses 83 United States v. National Exchange Bank of Baltimore, 270 U.S. 527, 534 (1926) oo... eeeeeseecsseceeeeeceseceeneeceeeeeeneecsaeeeeneeee 17 United States v. Winstar Corp., 518 U.S. 839 (1996) oo... ceeeecsseceececsseceeneeceseceseeecsaeeeeneecaeeseneecsaeesaeecsaeeeeeeecaeeseneesateeeneetea 17 Vlandis v. Kline, 412 U.S. 441, 449, 93 S.Ct. 2230, 2235 (1973) wou... eccccscsssecececsessnsesecececsesseaececeeecsessaeaeseceesesseaeeceeseseseeaes 719 Walker v.Rach,.79 CaltApp. 139,249. P36, 58 cc cccess ccobbeeacebeccvsckesSenedeacecvetuenecs bobbvdess cusptenscesdecye euapeabbck svuauscuesdeadbaseepeeueseahnees 78 Wall v. Parrot Silver & Copper:Co.,.244 US. 407. sic. scree ceceestestecsccsseastersosessececvesivsnssuibeceesssbevbessabscnsvennssnstnvecdseseebestenesbsees 89 Wall v. Parrot Silver & Copper Co., 244 U.S. 407, 37 S.Ct. 609, 61 L.Ed. 1229 oo. eeceeneceeeeeeneeceeeeeneecneeeeneeee 25, 39 Wall v. Parrot Silver & Copper Co., 244 U.S. 407, 411, 412, 37 S.Ct. 609, 61 L.Ed. 1229 ooo eeeeteeeneeeeeeeeeeeeees 25, 39 Wisconsin v. Pelican Insurance Co., 127 U.S. 265, 292, et seq. 8 S.Ct. 1370 wee ceeccecsseceececeeeceeeeeceaeceeaeecnaeeeeneecsaeeeeneeee 18 Yaselli v. Goff, C.C.A., 12 F.2d. 396, 403, 56 A.L.R. 1239 ....ccccccccccccccccssssscecececeenesnececececsenssececeeecsesesssaeceeeesesenssaeeeeseeeseses 78 Other Authorities

666 and the Mark of the Beast, Amazing Facts .........cccesscessceesseceeeeeesseceeneessaeceeeeesaeceeeecaaeceaeeeeaaeceeeeeaaeceeeesaeecneeeeenaeeaes 2, 93 About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 9 of 103

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About IRS Form W-8BEN, Form #04.202.00.... cece cee cseecseecseeeeeeeeeeseseeeeseessecsaecsaecsaecseecaeecaeeeeeseeseeeeseenseeaeseaseaeenaes 34, 71, 72

Affidavit of Citizenship, Domicile, and Tax Status, Form #02.001 00... cece eescceescecseeceeneeceeeesseeceeeseneeceaeeesseecseeeeeneeceeeseneeess 71 AMENDED IRS )Forin W-SBEN 4. cesscdiescessesupeecevecsacacedcecsspnesiecscogcestcstexgectensten couguvdsntbasiten oundunes dg dag ovs ous tbrgi snbesusessuslegacionsigesstes 71 Attachment to Government form which asks for Social Security Number, Family Guardian Fellowship......0...... cee 56 Avoiding Traps in Government Forms Course, Form #12.023 0... eceeseescesscesecesecssecssecseecaeecseeeaeseneseaeeeeseeesaeeeseesaeeaeenaes 66 Avoiding Traps on Government Forms, Form #12.023 ooo... ceceeeeesseesceeeeeseceseeesecsaecaecsaecaeecaeesaeseaeseeeeeeeeaeeeaeeaeesseeaeenaes 21 Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, p. 1235 wc ceessesscsessscsseeecesecseesecsevsecnaeeecsaecsessecaessessasseceaeceesaesaeeeeenaseesaeeeeeaesaee 78 Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, p. 880 0... cesssesscseeseceseeecssecseesecsessccnaeeecsaecaessecaeesecnaseceaeceesaecaeeeeenasaneeaeeeeeaesaees 83 Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, pp. 786-787 ........ccssssssssccessecceecseesecsecsecsseeecaecaessecaeeseesaseeceaeceessecaeeaeenaseeeeaeeeeeaeeates 94 Black’s Law Dictionary, Second Edition, p. 955 ....ecccessssssscseeseceseeecesecseesecsecsecnaeeecsaeeaessecaeesecnaseceaeceessecaeeaeenaseeeeaeeaeeaeeates 93 Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 123 1... ec cceecsssscsseescesecseesecseesecseeecsaeceessecaeesecneseecsaeeeesaecaeeeeenasseesaeeeeeaeeaees 31, 98 Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 581... ec scescssesscseeseceseescesecseesecsevsecsaeeeceaecaeesecsesseenaeeeesaeceeesecsesseenaeeeeaeeataeeas 100 Bouvier’s Maxims of Law, 1856...........cccccccccesssscecsssceceessecccssssececsseeeceessececsesseceeseeeceeueeecssssececseeeceesaeeecsesseceesteeeeseaaes 19, 22, 40 (CACS AL see cececaces sevasas fesocsas gavacncsaeecs ena sesnenceaesacasaenec cece saeaasuceaeucscaensites avers sac agasauesd tosis saeae ton aevesausaassaees estes besaceiceuessersenteceeetie 18, 22 California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ............cceeccesssecesececsseceeceecaecesececsaeeeceeecsaeceeaeecaeeseneeceaeeeeaeecaeesentecaeeeeneerea 85 Change Your Filing Status to "nonresident alien" and "Denumber" yourself, Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online, Fortn: #1 0:004, Step 3.14 as cssctsciticcescediestscdecestscesbevasedocensbenntoehbeises de ccasenahbedecvees sensunsedecoasstey yetebededsenscdeaapastiseseesens badhbedscsuseca 56 Citizenship Status v. Tax Status, Form #10.011, Section 12.00... ee eee ceesecsseceeeeeceeceeneeceaeceseeecaeeseneecaeeeeaeecsaeeseneeceaeeeeneeesa 38 Clearfield Doctrine of the U.S. Supreme Court... cece cee csecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeesecaeesaecsaecsaecseecaeecaeeseeseeeseeseeseseeeasesaeesaeesaeenaes 17 Coole y;Comsts Limns, 47.9 x55, scseesceicaceabsektvetaddeceenceecovhss tedevesceonnetsuacedesetensbandcgswessteceuuseiednck sseeus dasudessessces Suaebuidenudnidenseervdidoeesensd 24 Corrected Information Return Attachment Letter, Form #04.002 .0..........cccccccccccccceesessesesececeessssseeceeeceesesseaeeeeececeessaneeeecessenses 73 Correcting Erroneous Information Returns, Form #04.00 eeecessceessceceseceeneeceeeeeneeceaceesneecnseeseneeceaeeeeneecseeseneeceeeeenees® 73 Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1042’s, Form #04.003 ........cccccccescesscesecesecesecesecseecaeecseeeseeeeeeeeeseceseeeaeeaeceaeeneecneeeeeeaeeess 60, 73 Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1098’s, Form #04.004 ........cccccccscessceesceseceeeceseceaecaecseecaeeeneeeseseeeeeeeeseeeaeeeseeeasenaeenaes 60, 71, 73 Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1099’s, Form #04.005 ........ccccsccessesseeescessceeeceecesceesecsaeceeecaeecaeeeneseneeeeesereereeeeeasenaes 60, 71, 73 Correcting Erroneous IRS Form W-2’s, Form #04.006 oo... ce ceeceeeseeescesecesecesecesecsaecaecsaecaeecseeeaeseaeseeseeeseseseaeensessaeesaeenaes 73 DD Form 108, Application for Retired Pay and Benefits 0.0... eceecceecesecesecesecssecaecaeecaeecaeseaeseaeeeaeeeeeeseseseesseesaeesaeenaes 37 De Facto Government Scam, Form #05.043 ..........cccccccsccsssssssssesesesesecesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesereseseseseseresereseseseseseresereeens 84 Defense Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency Division: Privacy... eeeeseesecee cece cseeeseeeeeeeeeeeeseeseeseeeseeeseesaeesaeenaes 58 Demand for Verified Evidence of Trade or Business Activity: Information Return, Form #04.007 .........ceceeeceeeseeeteeeeeeeees 73 Developing Evidence of Citizenship and Sovereignty Course, Form #12.002 oo... cece cece csecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeseesseesaesnaeesaes 73 DOD Directay] 5124.02: ssectscsscsessas ius cbateis vais avicavelactens cagesedoetleeess Shi Gi slackses neesdbea leeaes gantthe dd Wades Gaeige deed snap ees Deets 58 DOD. Instruction LOO 30 cess cctacaececesbesaceh ede cadcasekn cd shee eeles Wace ae atic ased ovine dadadidecen Wace ¥beed taeda eel dacet iceuas Reese oases sbsveecdeeshavaies Ponetney 58 DOD Retirement Pay Request Letter, Form #04.217 ooo. cecceceeseceecesseeeeeeecesecesecsaecsaecsaecaeecaeseaeseaeseaeeeeeeeseeeeaeeeaesaeenaes 58 Don't Give Your Children Social Security Numbers, Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online, Form #10.004, Instructions; Step: 15 1. cyscccsdeiaveccsceed dace sckdes caeese iiusdcasctecacedeseniuaiaa cbc das ckedeecadachd eduiavadenseadh sade oetuas desea thacteseaacadeampiaiseedeseattee 56 Family Guardian Website, Taxes page..............:scssecssesseesoeesonsenesenssensesscnssenssonssessecscecssecneesoesensvonseonsecnsessenssenssessesssesssessaesner® 92 Federal and State Tax Withholding Options for Private Employers, Form #09.001 00... cc eceeceeecesecesecseeceeeceeeaeeeseeeeeeenees 72 Federal and State Withholding Options for Private Employers, Form #09.001 oe. eee csecseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseceseeeseesaeesaeenaes 67 Federal Civil Trials and Evidence, Rutter Group, paragraph 8:4993, p. 8K-34 oo... eee eeceeeeceescesecesecaecaecaeecaeesaeteneeeneeeens 719 Federal Courts and the IRS’ Own IRM Say the IRS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for its Actions or Its Words, or for Following Its Own Written Procedures, Family Guardian Fellowship...........cccecceceeseeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeseeesecaecaecseecaeesaeseeeseeeseeeeeeeeenseenaes 20 Federal Trade Commission 7.5 ccese.cesncea sieoedacsacenievsch excess ctetauescudeceavatestendqude cas vesecobauevdaes cuaptevsaesvvavesuaneabbed svagussuesdabneebneeyeeteseh bees 94 Federal Trade‘ Commission (E:T. ) iss wise iieeetev ives thee ae tee seas obanvoeueven tap at wena ees ie ce ea ie uate 17 Federal: Trade:Comimission (ETC) :sss20s0ns si eoiic Wecteoud aie Sada eaten oe er eo eh a eee id 65 Port HOD OOD cscs etch tear tet oe tothe Moca Pa aa toate ubsitueye oath n aaah gS eek tea i Aether aaty aaah 54 Orr HOS OO Wes aas cetera crests heats soto cage ety iah tee Sa SNe eS a Gye aie ST Ae tyes ct he as Gina Arp aatre ahs 66 Pri HOS, O14 ois oa ceeatas arias sitet, Sea edaty aha teceye ent eats ous ttisher arity aay an Gaba avanti ahi, 15 PROT an HO soot oop ac ct cau ee een ean sedge te eden an save etecteac eas suet scns cust ce fatesetentarcuesaearcentGujuespoeatuae dapteissengesuestersteysataestee tah neatieceesoeas 78 PA OETIN ODO oso aga ec ccee ates antares scsaenas cata ceeest ceacsieasces-canteac forge tciestuesamtancie cc eyanespotcuaestagthenteuseeteaterstgy tena Steeatamameree as 15 TH OET AN OSD aa swag he cecc ate peenseetent sacnsitata ce tesseacensgieasees tedonsasetadeisciereueeameareiosc qyssstotacuae ugsnes atieetecterstevietecsieetaheweitieweeoos 66 PA ORUAN HD. O29 oof ose gs eos etrc anes ean atcueteacsaenat cata ce test aceacsiessceecaccesataratttscieseuesgutancie cyanea potasuaestas shee seuieeteatersteueenasteecatamateeeseao 67 Ph OrUan 3G co gad hess ste seensetaeetestsacesitata ce tecsaacensgisasees ctedcnsesctadetscieseueeamearetnsc qyusestotasiae dugtes atieutectetsievemtecstentahaaimieest os 67 OPT ADs YOO 9 ros Fo sas ceca tetecuse anes eaneczeevsnaneseuactatactiestssconsseeuscesscscenaetucasieycaescvsagheanctscesceuecpataceansd gussedenuceee-dessteoteracetstertteceniars 69, 70 EUAN WV 54h ere ceve st ca tect a fucteg eesttns cet ont sauna ttatadeeewtenicusegscamees auvcuaedotass tors ageneayoe cess -Sussesetetacuieatee tte ceagcoredt cottast hauereteateee 66, 67, 69 POPUL WV 2 be asec vecteatesegavesuces vn ctangteasetcctesesctataceeesteasuse sige genet eatvestueacutedeacanesatiesectuseuaseetacvecstaqeuscrenezceeuteatucctusgcveveseatevemeeeetonatas 29 POPUL WY 2 0 ie fo cee ec cence cotatececees ent sanpeansrercteccusetataceseateesusesi iucusoce eases 4ataeetp:teacesegutaeueeed tecveysedavenveeceuneqan sceseetcaunectutarvincteaserstcceeteraun? 68 About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence 10 of 103

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, http://sedm.org Form 05.012, Rev. 2-19-2022 EXHIBIT:

Foundations of Freedom, Video 1, Form #12.021 ..........ccccccccccccesssssscecececsesssecesececeeseseeececeesessenseeceesecesesneaeseeeeeceesesaeeesecesseses 17 FTC Franchise Rule Compliance Guide, May 2008 00.0... ecceceessesscesecesecesecsaecaecaaecaeeeaeseaeeeeseeeesecaesaecaecsaesaeeaeeeseeeas 18, 95 FTC Franchise Rule Compliance Guide, May 2008, p. Loo... cece eecceecesecesecssecseeceecseeeaeesaeeeeeeeeeeseessecaecaecnaesaeeaeeeaeeeas 18, 95 Getting a USA Passport as a "state national”, Form #09.007 .0.....ccesscssseessesecseeeeceseeecsececesecneeseeneeeeceaeceeesecaeeaeenavseesaeeeseneeates 56 Getting a USA Passport as a “state national”, Form #10.013, Section cecessecsseesseeecseeeeceeeeecaeceeesecaeesecnesessaeeeeeaeeates 78 Government Conspiracy to Destroy the Separation of Powers, Form #05.023 oo... cece cececseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenseeeseesseesaeenaes 87 Government Identity Theft, Form #05.046 .......eeeesceeceesseceeceecsseceeneecseceeeeecsaeceeeecaeceeeeecaaeceeneeesaeceeeeecaeceeneesaeeenees 43, 59, 86 Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030 ..0......:cesccessssceseeecsseceeneecsaeceeeeeenaeceeeeecaeceeeeeenaeeeeees 89, 91, 92 Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030, Section 23 eee cesceecsseeseeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeseesseesseesaeenaes 78 Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302.........cccccccccccccssssscecececsessnsececececsesensesececcceesenssaeceeececsesesaesecececeeneaaeaeeeeseeenenssaeeeeeeeesenaes 33, 46, 92 Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302, Sections 4.3.13 and 5.4 through oo... eeceseseceeccecsseceeeeeceseeeeeeeceaeceeneecnaeeeeaeeceaeeeeneeeea 28 Hierarchy of Sovereignty: The Power to Create is the Power to Tax, Family Guardian Fellowship... eee eeeeeeeeeeee 20 Income Tax Withholding and Reporting Course, Form #12.004 oc eieeeeeecesecesecssecsseceecseecseesaeeeaeseeseseeeeesaeessecsaeesaeenaes 73 Injury Defense Franchise and Agreement, Form #06.027 «000... ce ceceeceeeeeseeseeseeeseeesecaecaecsaecaeecaeesaeseeeseeeeenseneeegs 21, 58, 84, 88 Internal Revenue Manual (1.R.M.), Section ..ccccccccccccsssceceessececsseeeecsnececseaececseseececseeecseaeeecsesaeeesenseesseaesesseeeeeees 54 Internal Revenue Manual (I.R.M.), Section .....cccccccccssssececseseececseececesseeecsesaececeneeeeseaeeecseauececseeeeeseaeeeceeaeeessneaeens 73 Internal Revenue Manual (I.R.M.), Section (09-30-2004) .......ceecccecssscecssnececseececesseeeecseauececseeeeeesaeeeceeaeeeesseaeens 36 IRS Circulat BE: Enoployer's Tax Guidescissiciccssesesensethsnescnsceesecnsciesseosbtsnsseandsssensadscdassedscssaccbensbucedncsessosncsarseisesshesisesnenrdnssunssens 27 IRS Due Process Meeting Handout, Form #03.008 0.0... ec eceesseseceseceecssecsecacecaeeeseeeeeseeeeseeesecesecaecsaecsaecauecaeeeseseneeeneeeees 38 IRS Form 1040NR Instructions, Year 2007, p. 9... ceeececesccsescecseecesececseeeesneeceseeesneecaeeesneecaceesneeceeeseneeceaecesneeceeeeeeneecereseneees® 47 TRS POT LOADS: ioc. s aseceescesoceta debs iedicesceudenedadecosbennsensidecsecsenstaaeihddactasenqseabhdecsetccescushbbilesubboeszeteibdsesessesdechie lesdtsver,ibusndiee’ 50, 90 IRS Form 1042s Instructions, Year 2006, p. 14.0... ceeeessecsseeeesceceseeeeseeceeeeeeneecuceesneecaceeeneecaeeeeneecaceseneeceaeeeeeeecseeeeenteces 47, 90 TRS FOr A029 sei, cos ceeds ie seeba sates Bd scae cies Se dege esas ala uk bude abe taee eA TEs varten sansa dodewacneibahbbdcdeusse eset vidadees step Decabe Lido denengibiosduesenseas 33 IRS Form 4029: Application for Exemption from Social Security Taxes and Waiver of Benefits « cee eee eeeeeeeeeees 56 TRS FOr A549 oo oiec ss) vocsc cases tay shacesccsa citeieus cease cbechspes teases da sshedeeh ie tecs dia cath sasdabats faagedis ah lattes acseaeeb gees ea cahatelavtees bacudapeaees Meaney 79 TRS POT 5 6 ss scsee svete Sel ias Hisedas Oi pe